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What could be more magical or memorable than a wedding in the stately grounds of a 17th century French château? At the Seigneurie de Peyrat, we work with you to transform the château’s formal salons and lush gardens into the perfect setting for a marriage ceremony, an extravagant wedding banquet and a sophisticated reception cocktail party.

The ceremony

What better place to wed than inside a gorgeous 16th century chapel? Decorated with sumptuous murals that have been recently restored, the chapel was designed and created in 1567 by the then owners of the château, as a place for quiet contemplation and connection to God. Decorated with candles, it offers a truly unique place for a marriage ceremony. Should you prefer a different location, we can create magical ceremony spaces outside in our manicured French gardens.

The Reception

There are a number of superb venues in and around the château in which we can organise a truly memorable wedding reception. The château’s courtyard, for example, offers a light and airy space, protected by towering plane trees and surrounded by the old stone walls and elegant windows of the château. Lanterns hanging in the trees and candles on tables help to create a truly magical ‘cadre’ in which to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family.

The approach to the château is another stunning setting for a wedding reception. A long table, seating hundreds if necessary, can be set up between the elegant lines of pines and olive trees that run up to the château. Flanked by tall trees and with the backdrop of a beautiful château, it’s truly a unique locale for a meal none of your guests will forget.

The stately salons of the château, with their tall windows, beautiful wood floors, high ceilings and ornate cornicing provide superb interior spaces for a meal or cocktail reception. Again, these can be decorated to your taste to create a really beautiful and romantic setting.


At any point on the big day, we can take your guests off for a wine tour - visiting the vines and wine-making facilities, and ending up with a guided tasting. It’s a great way for them to learn more about how wine is made, and about the wines produced at the Seigneurie de Peyrat. We can also organise an event around the medieval art of Falconry.



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