Watch our incredible falconry show


12noon & 5pm
1 July to 25 August
Please arrive early. Shows cancelled if it rains.

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The medieval art of falconry is quite something to behold - huge majestic birds elegantly swooping through the air, just as they would in the wild, hunting small birds and animals. It's something that almost certainly was used when the château was first built, as a means of hunting prey that would have otherwise been too difficult to capture. In honour of the falconers of yesteryear, we've added a falconry display to the activities available to our guests at the Seigneurie de Peyrat.

Two to three times a day, we'll be putting on a breathtaking 'free-flight' display with an expert falconer. A number of falcons, owls and vultures will take off at the same time and fly over the heads of watching visitors. It's truly an impressive and unforgettable experience for the whole family. The falconer then propels bait at a high speed, to mimic fast-moving prey, and the birds chase after it in a dramatic display of hunting skills. You'll even be able to touch the falcons (under expert supervision) and have your photo taken with one on a protective leather strap on your arm. The falconer will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about this fascinating hunting art.




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